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Bad Girl
Thái Hồng Lâm
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New music: Bad Girl by Thái Hồng Lâm 

This music is only shown on my website, stealing is strictly prohibited and if it appears on other websites or social networks it infringes my copyright!

☞ Communications: 

• Capture/Upload: November 1, 2020

• Rights owner: Thái Hồng Lâm 

• Email address:

• Phone/Fax: +84363848291

• Physical address: Cong Ly street, Mo Cay Town, Mo Cay District, Ben Tre Province

©️ Production and copyright belong to Lâm. ©️ The copyright of this music belongs to Lâm.

Copyright © 2020 Lâm - All rights reserved!!!

Do not reup in any form.

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